PBAC is continually listening to the needs of Metro New York’s most demanding dealers and consultants and their end user/operator customers. The result is an on-going flow of new innovative products with an eye towards the bottom line and a sustainable agenda.
From NAFEM in Orlando to Host Milano, the best in class manufacturers and factories that PBAC represent have had a very busy year.

These equipment and supply companies share a number of common characteristics. At the top of that list is the continual commitment by those manufacturers to listen to the needs of a diverse community of restaurant and foodservice professionals and the dealers and consultants that support them.

We look forward to utilizing this space to provide updates on the latest innovation from the factories that PBAC proudly represents.

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December 1, 2019

Duke Manufacturing

St. Louis, MO based Duke Manufacturing has introduced its new Thurmaduke® Serving Systems.The units give…
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