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The always innovative InterMetro that has long set the standard for foodservice storage solution is featuring its new Super Erecta Pro shelving.  The line  is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of wet and high humidity environments, such as coolers and freezers, while offering the stability and strength of traditional Metro wire shelving. Super Erecta Pro shelving includes a wire frame coated in Metroseal 3 epoxy with removable polymer shelf mats. Metroseal 3 epoxy provides corrosion resistance and antimicrobial protection to ensure a clean, safe environment. The heavy-duty removable polymer mats offer abrasion resistance and make cleaning easy. The polymer mats include a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, so it is safe to clean them in the dishwasher and use them to hold corrosive supplies and liquids. The Metroseal 3 wire base includes a 12-year limited warranty against rust and corrosion.