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Hobart has had a busy year with its introduction of the new FT1000e Low Energy Flight Type dishwasher at The NAFEM Show 2019. With design enhancements that lower energy consumption and connected load, combined with features like features Automatic Soil Removal and Energy Recovery, the FT1000e delivers exceptional cleaning and the lowest cost of ownership in its class.

Hobart Introduces New Award Winning AMTL Two Level Door Type Commercial Dishwasher With Two in One Performance

Get Higher Throughput and Operational Efficiency with a Smaller Footprint and the Industry’s Best Lifetime Value

TROY, Ohio (May 18 2021) –Hobart announced today the addition of the new AMTL Two Level Door Type Commercial Dishwasher to its complete line of dishwashers.  Engineered to deliver the legendary Hobart Clean, the AMTL dish machine offers two wash chambers to maximize dishroom throughput and efficiency while delivering superior wash performance.

The AMTL has the highest throughput available for door-type dish machines and helps get the most out of smaller spaces with 80 racks per hour.  It is versatile with upper and lower wash chambers and multiple-cycle operations to wash a variety of ware and soil levels with both chambers being able to operate at the same time.  The AMTL’s upper chamber functions as a typical door style dish machine, with a 17” door opening.  The lower chamber opens like an undercounter and is ideal for pans, glassware, flatware and utensils.  The two levels can operate concurrently, or the lower-level cycles can be turned off or extended.

“Unlike any other door type on the market today, the ATML is the only commercial dishwasher to offer upper and lower wash chambers and 80 racks per hour to help kitchens deliver cleaner dishes in less time,” said Hobart Marketing Manager – Warewash Jerry Socha. “Recognizing the needs of busy kitchens, we have engineered a new kind of commercial dishwasher designed to enhance dishroom operations.  The industry is taking notice, and the AMTL recently won the Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.”

The National Restaurant Association Show® named the new AMTL as a recipient of its 2021 Kitchen Innovations® Award.  The honorees are recognized as the year’s most forward-thinking and cutting-edge innovations that have meaningfully improved foodservice operations. The KI Award program has earned a reputation for identifying the best foodservice equipment innovations, which reflect the trends and topics most important to foodservice operators today and showcase the future of the industry—with a focus on automation, efficiency, safety improvements, sustainability, waste solutions and more.

Increasing your throughput can help reduce labor, and the time savings from the AMTL can free up employees to help in other parts of the kitchen during busy periods.  Here are some additional features that set the AMTL apart from other commercial dishwashers on the market:

Two Wash Chambers – Increase capacity with an upper chamber, supported by a lower chamber that can wash concurrently or for extended cycles. 

Multiple-Cycle Operations –Wash lightly soiled ware in the upper section and heavily soiled ware in the lower section.  Extended cycle times on the bottom tackle heavy food soils and cutlery.

Pillarless Design – Makes loading, unloading and cleaning easier.

Sense-A-Temp™ Booster – Helps to ensure 180 degrees sanitizing rinse on every cycle.

Get Connected with on board WiFi and our new SmartConnect App to monitor and optimize your dishwasher’s performance.

Lifetime Value – Hobart commercial dishwashers offer the highest lifetime value available, thanks to superior reliability and the lowest energy, water and chemical consumption. Year after year, the AMTL investment will consistently deliver results that save time, resources, money and effort.

 Hobart Clean sets the standard for five-star quality and superior value which all other commercial dishwashers are judged by.  It is a distinction Hobart has earned over many decades by engineering dishmachines that lead the industry in wash performance, food safety, operational efficiency and lifetime value; complete with teamwork you won’t find anywhere else.

To learn more about the new AMTL commercial dishwasher visit www.hobartclean.com/amtl 

Hobart – Commercial Dishwashers

At Hobart, an ITW Food Equipment Group brand, it is our mission to provide premium commercial dishwashers that foodservice and food retail professionals can trust to work hard and deliver quality, consistent results day in and day out, empowering them to focus on what they love most—creating great food for great people. Get Hobart Clean with less time, energy and cost. From sparkling glasses to freshly washed dishware, Hobart commercial dishwashers deliver a level of clean that staff and customers will appreciate. Backed by our nationwide network of 1,500 factory-trained service technicians, we’re always nearby to install, maintain and service your equipment. Hobart is part of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC (a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works) and is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2008. Explore Hobart by visiting www.hobartcorp.com, connecting with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hobartfoodequipment or by contacting your local Hobart representative at 888-4HOBART.

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