Duke Manufacturing

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St. Louis, MO based Duke Manufacturing has introduced its new Thurmaduke® Serving Systems.The units give the food service operator the perks of a modular unit with the look of a custom piece in traditional or contemporary décor at an affordable cost. Thurmaduke® serving systems are provided with 16 gauge 300-Series stainless steel tops, that are 32” wide, with a 2” straight turndown on all sides, corners are welded and polished. Tops are attached to the cabinet body. Bodies are constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel frame/supports with 20 gauge stainless steel body panels and interior shelves. Units are open-based and have matching stainless steel bottom and intermediate shelves with utility access holes at each end. Bodies are 30” or 36” in height and are mounted on 6” high S.S. legs with adjustable feet or 5” diameter. The system sits on gray poly swivel casters are available with or without brakes. Paint grip steel bodies and shelves are also a standard option.